San Diegans for Earned Sick Days and a Minimum Wage Increase

LogoStandard.jpgRaise Up San Diego is a community coalition focused on bringing earned sick days and a better minimum wage to the region.

As of July, the San Diego City Council passed an ordinance which would provide set a fair minimum standard of 5 earned sick days and a local minimum wage ($11.50 in three years).

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The battle to pass the earned sick days and minimum wage ordinance continues! The City Council unanimously voted to place the measure on the June 2016 ballot, and it will be up to us to preserve a policy that will bring common-sense economic relief to 200,000 of our neighbors, and to prove once and for all that San Diegans value hard work! Last week, the deceptive signature gathering efforts funded by the Chamber of Commerce and other big business interests was certified by the Registrar of Voters, and the ordinance will now be taken to a public vote in June of...

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