San Diegans for Earned Sick Days and a Minimum Wage Increase

LogoStandard.jpgRaise Up San Diego is a community coalition focused on bringing earned sick days and a better minimum wage to the region.

As of July, the San Diego City Council passed an ordinance which would provide set a fair minimum standard of 5 earned sick days and a local minimum wage ($11.50 in three years).

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“Don’t Sign It,” Lightner and Others Warn New Petition Drive Is Bad For San Diego Today, Council President Pro Tem Sherri Lightner joined together with non-profit leaders and women on behalf of the “Don’t Sign It” campaign. Supporters of the Sick Leave-Minimum Wage Ordinance were in La Jolla, asking the public not to sign the petitions of signature gatherers who are at grocery stores, shopping malls and other venues for the next month. "Unfortunately, there is a campaign of well-funded big businesses trying to take away the raises of hard-working San Diegans," said Lightner. "Some well-paid corporate folks are sending people out...

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