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Don't Sign It - SignFair pay for hard work! Don’t sign it!

Help San Diego families. Save earned sick pay and the San Diego minimum wage!

Don’t sign the deceptive petition!

Instead, pledge your support for fair pay.

Nobody who works hard at a full-time job should live in poverty or worry about taking care of their family. San Diego’s new minimum wage law will increase the earnings of hard-working San Diegans by an average of $1,400 a year, helping them pay their rent, put food on the table, and support their families. The law also gives workers the ability to take care of their sick kids or parents by using days-off they have earned by working hard. But now, a group of area businesses — with funding from out-of-town corporations that don’t want to pay employees fairly — is trying to repeal our minimum wage and earned sick pay law with a deceptive petition. Don’t sign it!

Instead, pledge your support to save earned sick pay and a fair San Diego minimum wage.


Save San Diego’s minimum wage and earned sick leave law.

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